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Dear Teachers...

Carolanne Tremblay ,

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Dear Teachers,

Since September, you’ve been through thick and thin with your students. You’ve guided them in their educational journey and tried to plant the seed of knowledge within their fertile minds.

Every day, you prepare lessons, workshops, and activities for your class. You spend entire evenings creating assignments, planning exams and writing reports. You arrive early in the morning to make sure the photocopies are ready, prepare your board and write down what you have planned for the day. You stay late to get through the pile of papers that need to be marked or to clean the desks to avoid a flu epidemic.

Every day, you motivate the children in your class to try things that they sometimes think are impossible. You always push them to go further. You broaden their horizons, allow them to discover the world, and enrich their overall culture. You give them the chance to debate, discuss, appraise their own ideas, and learn how to put their thoughts into words. You give them the power to choose.

Every day, you lend an ear when they’re going through difficult times at home, at school or with friends. You guide them on their journey. You make sure that they can weather storms and you give them the tools they need to face life’s challenges. You think about them in the evening. On the weekend, you think about the best ways to help them. You think about them almost all the time. Some nights you can’t sleep for thinking about them.

From September to June, you have the chance to watch them grow. Watch them change. Watch them mature. Learn. Have bad days and get up again. Smile, cry, laugh out loud, marvel at the beauty of the world around them.

From September to June, you spend more time with them than with your own family. You think about how to help them become better students, better future citizens. Better at school, better at life, better with friends.

From September to June, there they are, in front you, eyes wide open, eager to learn new things, full of ideas, excited to get a better understanding of the world, to expand their vision. You have the opportunity to prepare them for the future, develop their values and witness their progression.

Throughout the year you’ve shared your knowledge with your students. You accompanied them a little further on their journey. You gave them new tools. You fertilized their minds.

But the school year is coming to an end. In a few days, you’ll have to say goodbye. You might see them again over the following years, but it will never be the same. They’ll say hello, tell you about their summer, but already everything will be different.

You deserve these summer months to cope with losing your students, with whom you shared so much throughout the year. To give your heart time to get used to this new chapter, and to the fact that this special relationship will have changed forever. When you’ve invested so much into something, putting an end to it can’t be rushed.

Use these months to recharge your batteries and get inspired by new ideas. To prepare for the upcoming school year, fill your heart and welcome new students.

These summer months aren’t just holidays. It’s important to be able to tell the difference. This is your time to recharge so that in September you’ll be ready to be with your new students, to have the energy, and the space in your brain and heart to accompany and guide them on their educational journey.

Have a great summer Teachers!

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