Optania projects its values and shares a common vision with all its members. We are an example in establishing a healthy lifestyle and a stimulating work environment.

Optania team believes that human relationships are the foundation of a strong team.

At the heart of all our professional relationships, there’s a respect for the human being, a great integrity and a deep desire to change things.

Everyone's expertise, a strong sense of belonging and a positive communication are the necessary tools to achieve our goals.

Balance, autonomy, and empowerment of work encourage everyone to give the best of themselves. Our values guide the company in a process of perpetual improvement and allow us to evolve in an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual aid.

We are dedicated to great projects, it is essential that everyone benefits from a healthy work environment that allows them to optimize their talents and expertise. The synergy in our multidisciplinary team allows us to evolve in a rewarding work environment.

Optania, c’est aussi ...

  • La promotion de saines habitudes de vie
  • Une ambiance de travail agréable et familiale
  • Un bon équilibre entre le travail et la vie privée
  • Une équipe de gestion proche et à l’écoute de ses employés
  • Une multitude de défis stimulants
  • Un horaire flexible
  • Mac ou PC, à votre choix
  • Toujours à l’affut des nouveautés
  • Des cours de yoga
  • Une salle d’entraînement
  • Des séances de massothérapie
  • Midis ciné (films ou séries télé sur écran 80")
  • Des aires de repos confortable (une tonne de sofas, télévisions, Xbox One, Netflix, etc.)
  • « Jam session »

Job openings

Working at Optania means being part of a family. The chemistry of our team is paramount. All employees embrace our corporate culture. A happy team that works in synergy advances and learns continuously.

We are always looking for individuals who will join the team! Here are the jobs opening.