What if AI furthered the education system?

Caring technology helps support, track and improve the human experience within schools.

First tool available

Support for tackling bullying

Our caring artificial intelligence acts as a safe virtual companion for youth who experience or witness bullying. The communication remains strictly confidential and prepares youth to talk to an adult they trust at their school.

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Support for tackling <span>bullying</span>
Active monitoring

Active monitoring

Active monitoring gives the various key stakeholders who work with students a real-time analysis of the student’s individual academic and behavioral profiles. Active monitoring targets at-risk situations that need to be tracked, in a fully automated way, in addition to notifying developments that deserve special attention (positive or negative).

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Metacognitive feedback

Metacognitive feedback

All students connected to OPTANIA have access to a powerful tool enabling them to obtain constant metacognitive support in real time, which is adapted to their academic journey.

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AI? Rather, a caring technology!

All of Optania solutions are fueled by ISA_, an AI specifically designed for the education system and the support of individuals within an organization. The strength of our caring technology lies in the expertise of our multifaceted team.

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AI? Rather, a <span>caring</span> technology!

Already serving more than 150,000 students

Optania, working alongside numerous partners and over 11 years of continual collaboration with the education system; Optania believes in synergy.

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