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As a comprehensive portfolio using our Intelligent Agent, Epsylio is designed to complement and optimize Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) by facilitating access to information. It acts as a front-line intervention for employees and is designed to accompany them at the very beginning of their healing process from the comfort of their own chair. Accessible from anywhere, Epsylio (a web-based platform) can prompt an employee to take the necessary steps towards the professional care that they deserve.

The Intelligent Agent targets and supports those who are reluctant to speak about their problems out loud and to take the first step in getting the help they need. It adds an extra safety net that covers different types of situations. No matter how small they may seem.

Epsylio is a 100% confidential interaction that is save and anonymous. While collecting date that could optimize how resources are allocated within your organization.

AI provides an ongoing relationship with the individual and once they are ready to take the next step, it eases the process and access to professional help (EAP, etc.). Moreover, the Epsylio platform can be customized to fit the specific needs of your organization.

Some of the topics addressed

Workplace harassment and discrimination

The AI provides the first line of intervention in supporting victims and witnesses of discrimination throughout the reporting process and adapts to each organization’s set of protocols.

Personal issues

The AI provides support and guidance to individuals on many all aspects of their life such as stress management, frequent feelings of sadness, substance use, anger and dealing with a traumatic event.

Relationship problems

The AI suggests possible avenues towards a solution for those going through a separation or break up, difficulties within the relationship, communication problems or, in the case of domestic violence (clear markers and help available).

Family problems

The AI provides support for individuals with concerns surrounding parenting, talking with adolescents, relationships with in-laws or with the extended family, challenges facing step-families or blended families as well as many others.

Financial problems

The AI accompanies individuals throughout budget planning, managing financial stresses, using financial services and more.

Counseling for work-related issues

The AI offers tools to better understand and react better to various issues related to the workplace such as incidents of harassment, difficult relationships between an employee and/or a colleague. Feeling overwhelmed or disorganized as well as those who experience a traumatic workplace event.

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Optania, in collaboration with numerous employee assistance programs and various partners; Optania believes in synergy. Over the years, our partners have allowed us to develop our solutions to better meet the needs of organizations.

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