Active monitoring

Active monitoring gives the various key stakeholders who work with students a real-time analysis of the student’s individual academic and behavioral profiles. Active monitoring targets at-risk situations that need to be tracked, in a fully automated way, in addition to notifying developments that deserve special attention (positive or negative).


Keeping track of school records is one of the most complex tasks undertaken by a teacher. This is a task that requires an understanding of several factors.

Considering the large number of students per teacher, the complexity of analyzing the above factors, and the large number of evaluations in a school year, it is virtually impossible for a teacher to keep track all of his or her students in real time.

This analysis requires a considerable amount of time per file, which is unreasonable in a context where the teacher is constantly cognitively overloaded. The teacher will be inclined to focus on the more difficult cases in his or her class and to react AFTER the situation has deteriorated.

This is where the active monitoring module powered by ISA_ technology comes in.

Some factors...

  • The weighting of evaluations
  • Average student rating
  • The current trend in results
  • History of the results
  • Etc.


Active monitoring provides the various key players working with the students a real-time analysis of each student's academic profile. Fully automated, active monitoring can target for the teacher, for example, at-risk situations, situations to be followed up on or may draw attention to those progressing that deserve special attention.

Active monitoring also aids communication with parents. It can prepare an email for the parents of a student who has been targeted by the active monitoring. The teacher then has the option of sending or modifying the email, or whether or not to send it to the parents.

Active monitoring also has several grouping levels:

  • For the classroom (teachers)
  • For several groups (school principal)
  • For several schools (school district manager)


Active monitoring oversees all student records, whether of a teacher or principal on an ongoing basis.

It allows results grouping per student for fast access.

It allows parents to be quickly informed concerning particular situations (whether positive or negative).

It allows teachers and professional services to quickly identify a student's strengths and weaknesses and to better direct the support services available to the student.

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