Metacognitive feedback

All students connected to OPTANIA have access to a powerful tool enabling them to obtain constant metacognitive support in real time, which is adapted to their academic journey.

A few words on metacognition

Metacognition is a complex cognitive faculty of great importance in all learning processes.

For a number of years the educational research community has demonstrated that one of the "best predictors of academic success is a student's ability to reflect on his or her knowledge and understand the reasoning that he or she engages in, to use and build new knowledge. ". (Delvolvé, N (2005), Gagné P (2001), Lafortune L et al. [2000])

Current problems

However, developing this key ability successfully, requires the student to learn to think and reflect on his or her learning path during each academic step.

Unfortunately, given the consistency demanded and the large number of students under the teacher's responsibility, it is impossible for the teacher to systematically include this task in his or her teaching.

This is where OPTANIA's metacognitive support module, powered by ISA_ technology, comes in.

Overall, it allows the learner to:

  • Assess the necessary cognitive abilities required for learning BEFORE the task.
  • Structure mental effort DURING learning.
  • Evaluate and adapt strategies AFTER learning.


All students connected to OPTANIA have access to a tool enabling them to obtain metacognitive support in real time, in a constant manner, adapted to their school career.

This allows students to better understand their progress in learning, in each subject, to foster the development of their metacognitive skills, and undertake some key supportive steps that favor their capacity to learn.

This interaction with students, created by ISA_ artificial intelligence, is unique and is adapted to each student's career. It incorporates recognized elements of educational research and is built according to the particularities of each student.

Virtual coaching is dynamically generated by ISA_ technology, either at the request of the student or when he or she receives a new result. Since many analysis parameters fluctuate over time, this real-time interaction with ISA_ ensures that the dialogue is relevant to the student.

It is this coherence with the young person's progress that maximizes the positive and constructive impact of the student's perspective on his or her school career and encourages him or her to take greater responsibility for his or her success, in accordance with the basic principles of metacognition.


Students receive a personalized feedback, for each subject, when entering their results.

It enables the development of metacognitive faculties in students.

It enables the student to react earlier in at risk situations.

It encourages the student in all his or her efforts.

Already working with more than 150,000 students

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