The pedagogical expertise surrounding OPTANIA was created due to the vocation of a teacher, our founder and CEO. Over the last decade, he has been able to work alongside specialists and partners in researching and developing all our digital education projects.

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    In 2007, Louis-Raphaël Tremblay (CEO), a mathematics and science teacher, realizes that the technological products intended for education are not centered on the essential: students.

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    Since techno pedagogy is a little-known concept in the media, Louis-Raphaël is interested in deepening his knowledge, by undertaking a "Masters degree specialized in metacognition applied in a technological context". This study, which is designed for students, leads to the creation of the algorithm that today gives our products their unique character.

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    From theory to code

    The challenge was then to create it, to make it work, but also to install it in an interface that is attractive to schools. That's when the first version of ISA_ was born! At this point, artificial intelligence provides students with metacognitive feedback in order to support them with their academic results.

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    We began our tests with several school boards in Quebec. Through various pilot projects, we have participated in numerous working groups comprising teachers, management and educational advisers. On the basis of their comments, we have developed a system that allows us to create interfaces that fit both theory and educational practice.

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    Different modules

    Since the beginning of our research and development, we have been well aware of students' specific needs. In order to meet these needs, several tools have been developed including active monitoring, metacognition and support to tackle bullying.

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    Broad implementation

    In 2016, national recognition gave us the reputation that allowed us to improve our user base.

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    Maturity: OPTANIA

    OPTANIA is a team of teachers, a resource teacher, a psychologist, a psycho-educator and a dozen programmers who have contributed to the OPTANIA project and continue to develop it.

    Our multidisciplinary and experienced team has realized that with a global approach to "school health" it is possible to offer tools that really meet the demands of our time.

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