5 Tips to Help Teachers Relax

Carolanne Tremblay
Carolanne Tremblay

Teaching is a difficult job. It is one of the professions with the highest dropout rate. Did you know that one in fiveteachers quit their job in the first five to ten years of their career? Yes, I'm part of the statistics! There are several reasons for this high dropout rate, but one of them stands out. The stress factor.

Among teachers, stress is caused by many factors such as job insecurity, constant ambient noise, heavy workload, low self-efficacy, difficult classes, and often insufficient resources to support students. And many other things. How can you overcome stress during long, difficult days and encourage relaxation so you don’t put your health at risk in the long run?

Here are some tips to try.

1. Disconnect

I know, it's easy to say. Disconnecting is essential. It is important to think about something other than school and students. Find activities that you like to do on certain evenings of the week in order to clear your mind. Go out for a walk, get some fresh air, read, watch movies, series, play sports. Whatever you do, find something that suits you.

2. Learn to Breath

We breathe all the time, every day, since birth. But are we breathing properly? Do we really take the time to breathe well? No! Daily, take five to ten large breaths through your nose and inflate your stomach as if it were a balloon, then breathe out to gently deflate it. Relax your stomach muscles. You will quickly feel the benefits.

3. Prepare Your Happiness Playlist

Take the time to do it well. Add all the songs that make you smile, that make you feel good and that allow you to relax. Listen to music when you come back from work to change your mood.

4. Plan

Planning helps reducing stress because it allows you to avoid unexpected work overloads. I know that sometimes it can be difficult to plan everything. However, some things can be planned. Make to-do lists; prioritize what you need to do, choose your battles. Some of the little tips that will help you lighten your mental load.

5. Decorate your Classroom with Plants

In addition to purifying the air and enhancing your classroom, plants have many powers. According to Dr. François Reeves, "many aspects of health are invariably improved when in contact with green spaces". Studies show that people working in green environments see an improvement in their immune and cardiovascular systems and a reduction in cortisol, the stress hormone. So, surround yourself with beautiful green plants that will allow all of you to enjoy their benefits.

Finally, to relieve tension and relax a little, do activities that are good for you and allow you to change your mind. Always thinking about work, being constantly thinking about solutions to help your students, or doing corrections throughout the weekend can put your well being at risk. It is important to learn how to put ourselves first and take a few minutes every day just to ourselves! Come on, try it! You’ll see. The result will be surprising.

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