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AI for a better world

Étienne Bolduc ,

At Optania, we strive to build caring technologies for everyone. Technologies that make life easier and have a positive difference on the world. It’s a big challenge nowadays, but we work with consistency and conviction.

Fortunately, we are not the only ones building caring technologies using artificial intelligence. Many organisations are developing powerful tools to improve our daily lives.

Artificial intelligence often gets bad press. It can frighten. It is often misunderstood, and its potential can strike our imagination thanks to movies where robots try to conquer humanity.

Today, we realize that more and more artificial intelligence applications will help us face the big social, environmental and financial challenges of the 21st century.

Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Several healthcare laboratories are successfully using deep learning algorithms. The Montreal-based firm Imagia has made its mark in the field with a technology that can detect cancerous liver and prostate tumors with striking precision, for example. This kind of technology is becoming more and more common.

Virtual nurse solutions are currently being developed. They could help healthcare systems save substantial amounts. These solutions could answer simple questions and direct you to the right resources when needed. We’re still far from painkiller-prescribing robots, but it’s a start!

We work in the mental health field (a particularly sensitive one) by offering a front-line virtual assistant. It offers adapted support and simplifies access to resources for those in need. The combination of psychological research and AI makes for a successful long-term experience.

Artificial intelligence and environment

Environment protection and the fight against climate change is a very inspiring research and development field. It’s a hot topic. Literally.

AI, with its mass processing of imaging data, can help identify endangered tree species, assess the impacts of a natural disaster and even accurately predict those disasters.

Another simple example is Google’s DeepMind technology. With the help of its machine learning system, DeepMind managed to greatly reduce energy expenditure in data centers with more efficient cooling system management. This kind of breakthrough will soon allow us to reduce our energy consumption at work and at home using algorithms that will analyze our patterns and behavior. An economical and ecological solution: what’s not to like?

Artificial intelligence and finances

Banks have already been using AI in their internal processes for a few years. These solutions help lighten some repetitive tasks, however the most interesting part has yet to come. Organisations are developing agents that will help make smarter financial decisions. These agents can help you stay within your budget, simplify investing choices and identify potential saving opportunities. In today’s consumer society, it can’t hurt!

Artificial intelligence in education

Personalized and individualized learning is a hot topic in education. How can we make sure that the learning process takes advantage of and develops each student’s strengths? It’s a fascinating question currently being tackled by a research field called adaptive learning. Many companies and institutions are developing new products built around this concept.

We can also see how data mining and traditional AI techniques can be used to prevent school dropout, identify at-risk situations and support students in their daily learning.

At Optania, using AI in the field of education is our specialty. We build products to support students and simplify the work of teachers and school staff. Stay updated by following us on social media!

Étienne Bolduc

Director of technology operations and artificial intelligence

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