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Letter for Santa Claus

Carolanne Tremblay ,

Dear Santa,

It’s the end of the year and I am writing to share my biggest wishes for 2019 with you.

As you know, Santa, I’m a teacher. Two years ago, however, I left the classroom to work on web applications for schools. But as the saying goes, once a teacher, forever a teacher! To this day, I carry my students with me in my heart and in my head, hoping that the seeds I planted in their minds continue to grow.

I left the classroom, but I still work in education. I make sure the tools we develop truly meet the needs of individuals within the education system and the students they work with. I can say with profound certainty that I have a bigger impact on education now than I did before.

Having said that, here are my wishes for the coming year.

Many changes are making their way into our school system. Can you make sure that these changes truly reflect the needs of teachers, school staff and, most importantly, students? They are changing along with the society they live in. We cannot teach them the way we taught them in the past decades. Make sure that teachers are well equipped and supported when they tackle these new challenges.

I wish that parents, government and society respect the work teachers do every day. I wish that they all continue this work when at home or during extracurricular activities and sports. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. We all need to understand the challenges students will face tomorrow and the importance of developing new skills to face these challenges. To do so, teachers need to think and act differently, and they need to be supported by everyone.

Finally, Santa, my biggest wish is the same as it was last year: I wish that schools regain their rightful place as one of our main concerns and that education becomes our top priority. Let’s promote the importance of learning, let’s make teachers proud of their work and let’s give them the technological tools they will need to propel their students towards a better future.

Happy holidays to all! May 2019 be full of good news, stunning technological launches and kindness for all.

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