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Caring Technology

For Optania, artificial intelligence should not replace human beings, but rather become a formidable tool to support the services in place and act with care in different targeted environments.

AI? A <span>caring</span> technology!

For 10 years, ISA_ technology has been the heart of all products developed by our team. It is in this spirit that we have created the concept of "caring technologies" and we are now applying it to all of our products.

ISA_ is an intelligent agent built for the purpose of interacting and supporting the different actors in the education and health sectors. This caring technology has been developed to support different types of users within a continuous process.

Technologically, the core integrates capabilities to build a natural language in order to interact with individuals. In addition, its core makes a real time temporal and scalable analysis of data flows and forms automated reasoning built on the best practices in the field of psychological and academic support.

  • Natural language construction to interact with the individual
  • Real time temporal and scalable analysis of data flows
  • Automated reasoning built on the best practices in the field of psychological and pedagogical support

Caring technology

Optania is promoting a caring technology through ISA_. Caring technology refers to a digital tool that is powered by artificial intelligence in order to support the individual in a specific context.

Care is a will that concerns the well-being and happiness of others. It is the ability to be indulgent, kind, and caring to others, in a selfless and understanding way.

ISA_ technology has been developed to ensure, thanks to artificial intelligence, that all our technological products work with individuals according to the axis of care and indulgence.


Inside the Intimidation module, ISA_ assesses the situation and accompanies the victim and the witness by allowing them to find help through a natural and fluid discussion in real time. In addition, it optimizes the work of school staff by facilitating communication between them and the victims or witnesses.

  • Evaluation of the bullying situation.
  • Mobilization of the victim or witness.
  • Optimization of the work of school staff.
  • Natural and fluid discussion in real time with the user.
  • Accompaniment of the victim or witness.
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Metacognitive Feedback

Metacognitive Feedback

In order to provide ongoing metacognitive feedback to students, ISA_ evaluates their learning skills, structures feedback, and adapts strategies. ISA_ makes it possible to make a fair assessment of a young person's results and to mobilize them quickly when a situation becomes risky.

  • Assessment of cognitive abilities necessary for learning before performing a task.
  • Structuring of mental effort during learning.
  • Assessment and adaptation of strategies after learning.
  • Development of learners' metacognitive skills.
  • Natural and fluid discussion in real time with the learner.
  • Early mobilization of the learner during a risky situation.
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Active Monitoring

Active Monitoring

ISA_ continuously and fluidly interacts with teachers and school staff by analyzing their students' academic profiles in real time. It targets at risk and monitored profiles in addition to putting forward those who are progressing. It improves communication with parents and between different school staff.

  • Real-time analysis of individual student profiles.
  • Improved communication with parents.
  • At risk, monitored, and progressing profiles targeted in real-time.
  • Continuous monitoring of students' school records.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of each student are targeted.
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Thanks to ISA_ technology, Epsylio can provide an innovative solution to reach, support, and intervene with those who do not want to speak out and who are going through a difficult situation. Epsylio is a fully automated first line of intervention. ISA_ offers an interactive interface able to communicate in a natural way with the user, over a very long period of time.

  • Long-term interaction with those who do not want to speak out.
  • The user feels more confident about reacting to their problem.
  • The individual is oriented to the appropriate resources when ready to do so.
  • Natural dialogue.
  • Analyzes the different situations experienced by the user and proposes proactive effective customized solutions to their problem.
  • Continuous interventions are generated according to the evolution of the problem.
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Optania is the result of 11 years of collaboration with the education system, employee assistance programs and our various partners. We believe in synergy.

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