What if AI could push our education system further?

The diversity of students’ needs creates a growing pressure on today’s schools. Our tools, powered by artificial intelligence, help accompany all the individual players within the academic system.

Student support

Designed by a team of experts in education, our virtual assistant creates a dialog with the student to continuously encourage them, promote good behavior and offer them strategies so they learn to act efficiently.

Our caring technology will direct them to their school's resources as they go through difficult situations.


Teacher support

Quality teaching starts with happy teachers who have more time for their students.

The virtual assistant allows a teacher to access a complete analysis of any events their students may be going through. It also offers the possibility to receive confidential support if they are going through difficult situations.


Already serving more than 150,000 students

Optania, working alongside numerous partners and over 11 years of continual collaboration with the education system; Optania believes in synergy.

Thanks to the partners who allowed us to create Optania

Enter in the caring technology era

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