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Accompanying students to counter bullying

ViGO builds a relationship with students who otherwise would not talk about what they are going through. Without having to talk face-to-face with an adult, students are supported and guided through a process that will allow them to take control of their situation.

The student experiences bullying or witnesses a bullying situation but is reluctant to talk to a qualified worker in his school environment.

The platform provides online support to empower students who went through or who witnessed a bullying situation. ViGO suggests solutions and a variety of related exercises.

The platform is available at any time and can be accessed from any device. The student can login as soon as he needs to. When he is ready, he can ask to be put in contact with one of his school’s qualified staff members.

ViGO helps students make to most of their social network.

ViGO facilitates the communication process with identified school staff personnel.

ViGO builds a long-term relationship with the bullying witness or victim. When the student is ready to talk about his situation, ViGO facilitates the access to school resources.

The advantages

Caring Artificial Intelligence

Our caring artificial intelligence allows us to connect with young people who aren't ready to talk about what they are experiencing. By offering students support and never forcing them to talk, we enable them to regain control over the situation.

Solutions for young people

Youth who experience or witness bullying are offered several different solutions. This helps them remain calm and feel supported until they are ready to report the incident.

Confidential and safe

Youths are guided through the process independently and confidentially. When they are ready, they can report the situation to a trusted adult at school.

Empowering witnesses

Witnesses are often forgotten, but thanks to Optania, they can gain a better understanding of the role they play in a given situation. As observers, they will understand the importance of becoming active witnesses.

Intervention framework

With solutions developed by a team of psychologists and school workers, our solution provides youths with access to an intervention framework without forcing them to talk about the situation they have experienced. Optania will be able to direct them to the person in their school who can best meet their needs.

Information for parents

Optania offers information sheets for parents whose children experience or witness bullying.


We offer a handbook with tips on how to use the Optania platform and ideas for establishing an anti-bullying network.

Better relationships

Beyond reporting, Optania teaches youth to assert themselves better, value healthy and happy relationships, and prevent new cases of bullying.

Already serving more than 150,000 students

Optania, working alongside numerous partners and over 11 years of continual collaboration with the education system; Optania believes in synergy.

Thanks to the partners who allowed us to create Optania

Enter in the caring technology era

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