Student support

Powered by an artificial intelligence (AI) system specifically designed for the academic world, our virtual assistant can analyze a student's results and engage them in a metacognitive dialog all throughout their academic life.

Our safe and caring technology allows for a quality automated-support process that will help the student become aware of their own learning strategies while helping them through various difficult situations.

Better learners make for a stronger school.

Hi, my name is VIGO

VIGO is the student's virtual assistant that will accompany them all throughout their academic life.

Integrated directly into the school's web portal, VIGO is always accessible.

VIGO allows students to chat in full confidentiality.

VIGO does not stock any data that could potentially reveal the student's identity.

Development of metacognitive ability

For many years, researchers in education have shown that one of the best predictors of academic success, is a student's ability to reflect on their learning skills and understand their reasoning in learning situations.


The student receives personalized feedback for each new result in every one of their subjects.

Each VIGO interaction is unique and is constantly being adapted as the student progresses.

The virtual assistant regularly asks the student questions about their learning skills in order to generate appropriate feedback.

Thanks to continuous interactions, VIGO allows the student to react early to situations where they could become at risk and encourages them to persevere, no matter what challenges they may face.

Front-line support to counter bullying

How do you speak to someone who does not want to talk?

Our caring AI offers comforting virtual support for students. Whether they are victims or witnesses, the virtual assistant interacts with them to get them out of their isolation and prepare them to talk with a member of the school staff.


VIGO builds a relationship with students who otherwise would not talk about what they are going through. Without having to talk, the student is supported and guided throughout a process that will allow them to get control of their situation.

Whether a victim or a witness, the student can access various solutions developed by a team of psychologists and school staff members. These solutions help the student to calm down while offering support until they are ready to file a report or receive help.

The student goes through this process in a completely confidential and safe manner. When they are ready, they can ask their virtual assistant to transfer their information to one of their school staff members.

Witnesses are often forgotten. Thanks to VIGO, they can better understand their role in such situations. They will understand the importance of going from passive observers to active witnesses.

Enter in the caring technology era

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