Student Active Monitoring

To act directly on student retention? Yes, it’s possible.

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Intelligent and scalable active monitoring

The AI specially modeled for the educational context of SAM analyzes each student profile and quickly detects those likely to fail or drop out.

Intelligent dashboards help managers, professionals and teachers take targeted actions and track each student efficiently. The goal: favor student retention.


Follow-up and timely action

SAM simplifies the work of the actors in the field and the coordination of their actions. Early detection allows for proactive and targeted support to students.

Thanks to the improved exchange of information and the monitoring of the file's progress, SAM helps to better understand the effects of the actions taken.


Organizational ntelligence

Our unique AI will make your data "talk" like never before

This is where SAM's machine learning reveals its full potential. It allows you to establish global and specific statistics for your institution. This unparalleled analytical capacity will provide you with an organizational diagnosis that reflects your reality.

Thanks to the reports generated by SAM, you will be able to target your actions, improve their execution and, therefore, achieve your strategic objectives. Our multiple data mining criteria target any issue that deserves your attention.

Supported by Optania AI

SAM analyzes profiles of at-risk students and notifies the appropriate resources for rapid action.

Personalized to your institution

Adapted tactical coordination

Intuitive tool

Developed in partnership with Cégep de Chicoutimi


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