Ali, a caring robot companion

Transform your institution's student experience from admission to graduation.

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An ally for educational perseverance

To facilitate student transition and adaptation to higher education.

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Ali is a caring chatbot who is always ready to listen and welcomes confidences without judgment. While not minimizing anything, he soothes by downplaying. For him, all humans are worthy of respect and love.


With his great wisdom, Ali is always good advice and rather candid. Particularly attracted by communication, he wants to understand and be understood.


Jovial and mischievous, Ali never says no to fun. A little break in good company always feels good!


Curious by nature, Ali collaborates with the institution to offer a host of tools that will enhance the student experience.

Supported by Optania AI

Ali is able to interact naturally with the student on a variety of topics.

Personalized to your institution

Adapted technological interaction

Intuitive mobile application

Developed in partnership with Cégep de Rimouski


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