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Add a tool for prevention and support to assist your students from admission to graduation.

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An ally for academic perseverance

Interactions with Ali aim to assist students with challenges encountered during their post-secondary education. Ali provides tools that encourage engagement and empowerment and guides students toward your institution’s services when they express the need.


Ali asks students questions without judgement and in a caring way. By targeting specific concerns, Ali can provide a multitude of relevant resources. The goal of these tools is to promote well-being and maximise learning capacity.


Ali’s tools cover college students’ most common concerns. They promote student engagement, introspection, empowerment and personal development.

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Ali’s tools are based on best practices in the fields of psychoeducation, psychology, social work and sexology, as well as scientific data. Each interaction is carefully written using reliable sources and goes through a rigorous revision process.


Allows students to connect to your institution’s services 24/7.

Why Choose Ali for Your Educational Institution

Ali is not a tool for detection, assessment or intervention and is not considered capable of treating issues. It does not do interventions but provides caring support at all times.

College Administration

Ali’s content promotes the development of knowledge about mental health, anxiety and psychological distress among the student population. Its mission is to maximise your students’ mental availability and to enable them to access the right services in your institution and at the right time.

Counsellors Dedicated to Student Success

Ali was entirely designed and developed by mental health professionals to equip students to deal with the stressors of change and the need to adapt. The conversational format of its tools allows for relevant information adapted to the student’s reality to be delivered in a way that captures and retains the student’s attention.


Topics Addressed by Ali

Psychosocial Support



Interpersonal relationships




Educational Support

High school to college transition

Exam preparation

Studying techniques

Workload management



Supported by Optania AI

Ali can interact naturally with students on a variety of topics.

Personalized for your institution

Adapted technological interaction

Intuitive mobile application

Developed in partnership with Cégep de Rimouski

Developed entirely by education professionals, mental health professionals and technology experts.


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