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Centralize and simplify the management of violence, bullying, and sexual violence incidents in your schools.

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More than 20 School Service Centres in Quebec use EVIO
More than 15 000 events processed using EVIO
More than 2 000 hours saved annually per School Service Centre

Benefits for schools

Complete all processing steps within the platform. Download the summary report and mark submissions as sent to the Student Ombudsman for the best possible follow-up.

Simplified file management

Download summary reports and easily document your incidents for Éducation Québec.

Incident overview

Access detailed statistics by school and service centre, including insights into at-risk areas and progress charts.

Standardized interventions

Use intervention templates to implement best practices.

Anonymized data

Monitor trends while protecting the confidentiality of sensitive data.

Key features

Centralized incident management

Create, manage, and record event files in under two minutes directly on the platform.

Secure collaboration

Exchange notes, observations, and documents smoothly and securely among all counsellors and school administrators.

Record events of sexual violence

Processing chain adapted for events of sexual violence, with specific forms for optimal confidentiality.

Mozaïk Portail

Connected to Mozaïk-Portal

Save time by activating the connection with GRICS. Professionals can sign in using the dedicated tile in Mozaïk Portail and access basic information to quickly open student records.

Meets the cybersecurity criteria set by the MEQ and the FCSSQ

In a collaborative effort involving the Quebec Ministry of Education (MEQ), the Federation of School Service Centres of Quebec (FCSSQ), and the Edteq Association, an initial assessment of information security requirements has been completed. This step is part of an effort to enhance the current offerings in the educational sector and reflects the partners' commitment to gradually meeting government standards. Members who have been awarded the badge have shown their commitment to following cybersecurity best practices and to their improvement.

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