Bullying Management

A one-stop service, a secure setting.

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Denouncing bullying is good...
Supporting victims and witnesses is better!

Empower your students

Trust ViGO to prepare them to talk to someone in the school community.

Help your management teams

Give them a powerful tool to manage bullying cases.

Support your stakeholders

Give your trained professionals the tools for fast support.

Reassure victims or witnesses

Intervene quickly to prevent this type of situation from happening again.

Involve your clienteles

Allow victims or witnesses to report quickly.

Join forces

Facilitate concerted action in your school environment.


For the administration

A powerful tool to facilitate rendering of accounts

The Bullying Management module provides the administration with the opportunity to prepare students to talk to someone they trust. Managers will receive reports of bullying and be able to manage them effectively to quickly defuse crisis situations.


For stakeholders

A complete solution for managing bullying events

School staff members have an obligation to demystify and manage requests for help related to bullying situations. Progress notes are kept directly in the interface, thus ensuring a better follow-up of files. The counsellors can therefore focus on the essential: the students.


For the student

Safe support before talking to someone

The student can report an event and take action with the ViGO robot companion. It accompanies the student when he is not ready to talk about what he is experiencing, allows him to put in place strategies to take charge of his situation and prepares him to talk to a school resource person. The youngster will feel understood, welcomed and not judged.

Supported by Optania AI

An overview of the school environment to support victims and witnesses of bullying.

Personalized to your team

Adapted technological interaction

Intuitive use

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