A comprehensive platform for managing violence and bullying in your organization, from incident reporting to file management.

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For simplified management of violence and bullying incidents in your organization.

Report an Incident

In the event of bullying or violence, create an EVIO file with a single click.

Facilitate Ongoing Monitoring with Your Colleagues

Consolidate information by transferring or sharing EVIO files with colleagues. Leave follow-up notes in files as needed.

Simplify the Incident Management Process

Alert your school administration within seconds in order to verify the situation.

Facilitate File Management

Once the incident has been verified, it is then transferred to administration. At the end of the school year, incidents will automatically be managed in a common file.

Enrich Your Action Plan Against Violence and Bullying

View your organization’s statistics from year to year. Quickly learn about the times of day and locations that pose a risk within your organization.

Facilitate Student Intervention

See the frequency with which any individual student is involved in violence or incidents of bullying at a glance. Adjust your interventions accordingly.


For Administration

EVIO offers administration the opportunity to view statistics on any incident of violence and bullying committed under its direction. At the end of the school year, an accountability report is generated with a single click.


For School Administrators

School administrators can view the profile statistics at a glance, for incidents of violence and bullying in their establishments. The anti-bullying and violence plan is created and supported in accordance with information provided by EVIO.


For Counselors

EVIO allows you to quickly and easily report acts of violence and bullying. Facilitate collaborative efforts by transferring or sharing EVIO forms with your colleagues. Leave a history of your interventions to facilitate communication and follow-ups within your team.

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