Teachers support

The virtual assistant becomes the teacher's ally throughout the entire school year. Designed for the academic world by a team of education experts, the assistant offers concrete support for the teacher and helps them execute their complex role.

This caring technology lets the teacher concentrate entirely on their teaching. It analyses their students' files and alerts them of those going through particular situations. It offers tips adapted to and appropriate for their professional and personal reality.

Active monitoring

Once having considered the high number of students per class, the complexity of analyzing a student’s file, as well as the amount of evaluations needing to be done within a single school year, keeping tabs on all of their students' files is understandably one of the most complex and demanding tasks for teachers.

It is virtually impossible for a teacher to continually keep track of all their students.


The virtual assistant continuously monitors all student records for a teacher.

In a fully automated process, the virtual assistant highlights at-risk situations, situations that need monitoring or student progressions that deserve particular attention.

It helps the school direction and professional services in quickly identifying the student's strengths and weaknesses to better orient the support services being offered to them.

Psychological and academic support

The virtual assistant supports the teacher both professionally and personally. The assistant offers solutions and exercises to help empower them based on their work environment, which can often be difficult and isolated.

Enter in the caring technology era

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