A comprehensive platform for managing violence and bullying in your organization, from incident reporting to file management.

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Étape 1 du processus d’accompagnement

The student experiences bullying or witnesses a bullying situation but is reluctant to talk to a qualified worker in his school environment.

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The platform provides online support to empower students who went through or who witnessed a bullying situation. ViGO suggests solutions and a variety of related exercises.

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The platform is available at any time and can be accessed from any device. The student can login as soon as he needs to. When he is ready, he can ask to be put in contact with one of his school’s qualified staff members.

Étape 4 du processus d’accompagnement

ViGO helps students make to most of their social network.

Étape 5 du processus d’accompagnement

ViGO facilitates the communication process with identified school staff personnel.

Étape 6 du processus d’accompagnement

ViGO builds a long-term relationship with the bullying witness or victim. When the student is ready to talk about his situation, ViGO facilitates the access to school resources.

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