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Choosing from an ocean of possibilities : Article on the search for identity and academic orientation

Vincent Bélisle ,

As I wrote in my previous post, teenagers are confronted with a lot of decisions. They need to answer several questions on their future, their academic choices and the general meaning of their life. This search for identity is a crucial step in life; these choices will create a path that they may follow for the rest of their lives! I personally had a lot of trouble finding my way, despite the various approaches I tried to get there.

Orientation after high school is a big challenge for several reasons. First, the information given to a sixteen-year-old student about various career paths may seem indecipherable at first glance. There are more than 4000 different courses and more than 1300 trades to be explored, in addition to a relatively complex academic system. It is necessary to take our time to understand the courses that interest us and where they might lead us before making a choice. We also need to know ourselves: our interests, our limits, our abilities, etc.

Then there’s the fear of being wrong which can cause us to stagnate. That fear settles in while we’re trying to give up on some possibilities we had previously considered or with the anxiety that comes with trying to make the “perfect” choice. The important part is knowing our true interests, and if that’s too hard, to seek help from a career counselor. This could help a lot in clarifying some of our questions.

Finally, there are a few other factors that could influence our choice, such as changing information (placement rates, new career fields) or the influence of those around us.

Choosing a path requires a lot of maturity. We need to step back and evaluate what are our best options, taking into account our interests and motivation as well as the possibilities that come with our chosen trade. We also have the right to be wrong! I changed my mind twice before choosing “Arts, Literature and Communication”, and I certainly do not regret any of the previous choices I made.

Let’s conclude with this inspiring quote:

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” - Unknown

Vincent Bélisle

Junior blogger

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